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Benefits of Glucerna products and when to have Glucerna in daily meals

glucerna product

Whether you experience high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), good food can still be enjoyed with the right supplement intake. For diabetics, it is important to find the most suitable supplement specifically designed for their health condition.

Glucerna, with over 30 years of nutrition and scientific study, has designed many of their products to help achieve much needed nutritional goals for people with diabetes.

Here are a couple of the benefits and how they could work for you.1

The key is the Glycemic Index rating

Simply put, it is the rating of 0 to 100 of certain food items on how fast or slow they raise your blood sugar (the lower the number, the less it raises blood sugar). It depends on the type of carbs and fats the item has, and how it was processed. It is important for diabetics to eat foods that have carbs the body processes slower (slow release), thus raising the blood sugar slower. Compared to standard nutritional supplements, Glucerna is packed with proteins and fibers akin to oats, whole wheat, legumes, whole fruits, and dark green vegetables, that help you keep fuller longer.1, 4

Glucerna has the essential nutrients a diabetic diet needs

Other than being already high in fulfilling fibers and proteins, Glucerna’s nutritional supplements have up to essential 28 vitamins and minerals. Vitamins like B2, B12, B6, and Vitamin C which are known to help reduce fatigue and keep energy steady instead of crashing after. Often, a diabetic would cut out many foods from their daily diet in fear of worsening their condition and end up not getting enough of what they really need. That is why if getting the nutrients, you need through food alone is not enough, Glucerna is here to help. The various B vitamins plus Vitamin D and Calcium helps support a diabetic’s bone health and nerve function to improve performance in exercise.1, 2

Glucerna can be enjoyed in other forms

Most believe that eating healthy means food is reduced to bland tasting foods and supplements. That is not true at all because it is all about picking healthy ingredient options and portion control. For example, because many of Glucerna products come in powder form, it is versatile enough to be incorporated into your favorite dishes. Example, you can replace the milk with Glucerna in French toast or even incorporate it into a frosty mango smoothie this season. Healthy food can be tasty, you just have to go for it.1, 3 

Best times to have Glucerna.

Continuity and routine are important when it comes to living a better life while controlling your diabetes. Do not just plan for a day, but plan for a week at a time. A serving of Glucerna can be included as a midday snack, a breakfast drink, or as a meal replacement. If you are willing to make the change and eat all that you need in a day with just food, that is the best. But comparatively and for example Myo-inositol (an important insulin messenger that aids in how your body uses glucose) content in a serving of Glucerna is comparable to 10 glasses of orange juice or even 4 mangoes. Made for nutrition efficiency and supplementing a diabetic’s needs, Glucerna is a handy supplement. But as always, before making any regime changes, consult a medical professional to see where Glucerna best fits for you and maximize results.1