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Exercises for Diabetics to Keep Immunity Up


Exercise is beneficial for anyone to keep on living well. This is especially true for a diabetic as they are often affected by blood vessels damaging hyperglycemia (too much sugar in the blood) and inflammation. This type of health issue also inhibits the ability of the red and white blood
cells to function and fight off infections. If getting going to the gym and complicated routines are not for you, here are some fun and easy options you can adopt to improve your immunity.

Back to Basics Walking
Without requiring fancy equipment, it is one of the easiest ways to get in some physical activity. Wearing comfortable shoes, clothes, a location of your choice, and minimum 4 days a week at 30 minutes per day brisk walking sessions, you can easily get in your recommended moderate
intensity exercise requirements. Walking gets the blood circulation up to par and with improved blood flow. With that, you get less inflammation, your blood carries around nutrients better, and overall less strain on other parts of the body to fight off infection.1, 2

Dancing as an Exercise is not Just a Trend
Among social media, dancing is seen as the next best regime to lose weight and thus control diabetes. It is not just a trend because some form of continuous motion is better than a sedentary life. You can either follow a recording, do an in-person session, or even over your choice of media outlet, dancing is a fun way to exercise. It contributes to lowering blood glucose (high blood glucose or hyperglycemia inhibits immunity), de-stress, and losing weight. Look to add about 3 dance sessions a week with 25 minutes each.1, 2

Swimming is low impact with high benefits
Joint and nerve issues in diabetics sometimes limit their exercise options. If you are worried about your ability to exercise properly, swimming has many low impact aerobic exercises. Swimming can work on all parts of the body and is also a great way to cool off from a different workout session. With less stress on your body due to buoyancy, you can go on for longer and
burn serious amounts of calories. Depending on your mobility, you may need special equipment to help you swim.1, 2

Never forget about Good Nutrition
As important as physical activity is for diabetic management and the immune system, a healthy diet is a foundation of a healthy life. The most important nutrients for immunity are Vitamin C, B6, and E as they work as antioxidants and support biochemical processes in the body. Natural
foods are also rich in carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, and fibers and when eaten in the right proportions helps the body function properly. If you are worried that your choices with regular food are not helpful enough, you can work in nutritional supplements like Glucerna into your diet plan. Glucerna has been specifically formulated with a diabetic diet requirement in mind and provides you with the nutrition you need to continue to do all the things you love.3, 4